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jejaka d kacak

Jejaka D Kacak was established in 2018. It started off with some guys who had no idea what they wanted to be, why they continued their studies, or how their future was going to be. 

What Can you expect from us?

Nothing. In fact, this website is just for fun. It all started when 5 guys from Jejaka D Kacak stayed up late at night while having a voice call. Everyone was so exhausted after a long day. Some just came back from work, and some just finished their assignments. While these 5 people were talking non-sense to each other, one of these guys had an idea to buy a domain. In less than 10 seconds, everyone agreed to pay for the domain.

What are our plans?

This website might be the place for us to share our life journey as ordinary people. You might see some contents like cars, nerd stuff, gaming-related stuff, 3D modelling, animations, and game development.